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Cedar Point Review

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This is Cedar Points second kiddy coaster. This coaster is located in Camp Snoopy! The first hill is 38 feet tall. It has a top speed of 25 miles an hour! Its perfect for training you little enthusiast! All riders must be 36 inches tall. The ride is 1,100 feet of tubular steel track. This is actually the first Vekoma I have ever ridden that was actually pretty smooth.

This was the new coaster for Cedar Point in year 2002. This L.I.M (Linear Introduction Motor) launched coaster is 215 feet tall with a high speed of 72 miles and hour. It is made by the Intamin AG Company. One of my favorite coaster makers of all time! This was Cedar Points 15th coaster. It features a vertical double twisting 450 degree corkscrews, which I think it is more of an inline twist. I sat in the back seat and you get some awesome floating airtime on the rear spike. It holds the record for only double twisting impulse coaster and highest height for its kind. It is launched out of the station 5 times NON-STOP. Three times forward and two times backwards. While your waiting in line a lot of people are nervous because the track is swaying. Well, it is suppose to do that! If it didn't it would crack and fall. For the 2003 season Cedar Point added some yellow supports that branched off of the teal ones. In the above picture you can see them. They were put there because suppose ably the tower was swaying more than it was suppose to be.

Cedar Creek Mine Rides station

The Cedar Creek Mine Ride is located in the rustic midway of Frontier Town. It was built in 1969 but it feels as good as new. If the Ride Operator doesn't trim you the final helix is extremely powerful. Much like Gemini it has a wooden supports with Steel track. You must be 48 inches or taller to ride! It is 2,400 feet of Arrow Mine ridin' going through with 2 minutes and 42 seconds of track.



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