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Cedar Point Review

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Corkscrew is Cedar Points first coaster to go upside down. It was Cedar Points first Coaster to go over the midway as well. This coaster shows off the colors red, white, and blue. It was chosen for these colors because it was built in 1976 which was America's Bicentennial.  You must be 48 inches to ride. The track length is 2,050 feet long of Arrow Dynamics. After the first drop there's huge pop of sensational airtime. The chain lift  has a height of 85 feet. When it was constructed in 1976, the Corkscrew was the first ride with a 360-degree vertical loop and  2 corkscrews in the  world. The ride is approximately 2 minutes long. One thing I don't like about this coaster is the shoulder restraints (O.T.S.R.). They hurt! Make sure to hold your head stiff in the corkscrews or your're gonna get brain damage from head banging back & forth with the restraints. Made my ears go num for a while. Cedar Point if your listening, do what Kings Island and Kings Dominion did with Flight of Fear. Take out the shoulder restraints!

Did you know that Disaster Transport was once called Avalanche Run. The name was changed when they built a building over the coaster and shut the lights out! Now its a ride in complete darkness. Disaster Transport really is a sub-name for Dispatch Master Transport. I have ridden this coaster once. Just into the Queuing line you can buy 3D glasses for $1. I bought 'em because I thought, "Hey it's only a buck and it's a nice little souvenir I can bring home with me!" The line is nicely themed with a 3D box on it with my name! You really don't need 3D glasses for the ride but they are nice to have. I kept taking them off and putting them back on throughout the wait and the ride. The station has these black lights that bring out all the bleach in everyone's clothes that you normally can't see. The ride seems longer and bigger because it's indoor. It also is nice because it is air conditioned, especially during the hot summers. I would say this would be a good little Enthusiast first coaster. This coaster rides on no track! Its like your bobsledding in the Olympics. Its 1,932 feet long. You must be 46 inches tall. Its lift height is 63 feet high.

This is a space photo I got from Terra Servers. It shows the nice figure 8 lay out  of Gemini.

Gemini is a fun racing coaster. It is very indualating. It has some great head choppers. The best thing is if your on the correct side you can slap hands with someone on the other train.  It is 3,985 feet long. The lift height is 125 feet and 4 inches .The drop is 118 feet. The layout of Gemini is in a Figure 8. Around 2 minutes and 20 seconds ride length. A top speed of 60 miles an hour. Because of the wooden supports many people mistaken Gemini as a wooden rollercoaster, however it has steel track. Gemini seems to get boring then you enter the super helixes that are sooo fun. I rode it once when they trimmed us right before the helixes which in my opinion ruined the whole ride experience. If your lucky to not get trimmed you'll have a lot of fun! It also might have been that the helixes are more extreme on the front than on the back. My favorite seat on Gemini is the front!  Gemini was built by Arrow dynamics.

Magnum XL-200 is a real good ride. In year 2001 it was voted number 3 Steel Coaster by Amusement Today. This 205 foot tall ride should have been called airtime! It may be over 10 years old but its a goody! Must be 48 inches tall. This ride is amazing! This things layout is out and back with a dog leg. The turn around Pretzel Knot is kind of rough but it's so fun. You feel like your flying and you get a time to breath before the real airtime appears. The drop is 195 mind bustling feet. The second hill is 157 feet up which turns left in its drop. The third hill is 80 feet! It features 3 tunnels which one is really cool to hear everyone scream cause in complete darkness there's airtime! This Arrow coaster brings you through a 2 minute ride of awesome 5,106 feet of track. When I rode this I had a big back pack with me. Boy, it almost flew out! On the bottoms of drops put your head down and feel the g-forces. This is one of the coasters that made me an Enthusiast.

Millennium Force is the only coaster that has ever made me scream! Standing 310ft tall with a giant 300 foot drop is incredible. The drop goes on forever. This Giga-coaster made by Intamin AG is 6,595 feet long. Boy is it great. Some people don't like the over banked turns, well I got news for you I DO! It gives you the true feeling of flying high up in the sky! The lift hill is steeper than most coasters first drop. Millennium Force is the first roller coaster ever to use an elevator lift system.

Best seats are on the right side either in the very front or the very back. My favorite seat is the front because it feels like the track is curling under you on the first drop. The couple of hills pack some good airtime. Millennium Force broke 10 records its opening season. The trains are stadium style seats which is when each seat is a little higher than the one in front (like bleachers). This is the only coasters I have been on where everyone was speechless at the top of the liftl. Get ready to be rocketed to the sky with Top Thrill Dragster, it is next.



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