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  • I removed the Yahoo groups thing on the miscellaneous page. Yahoo deleted it for some reason. We were growing little by little. Oh well that's over now. Aug 4th 2004
  • I added a Link To the Lance Armstrong Foundation on the home page. Show you Live strong by making a donation now! July 23 2004
  • I added some awesome music to the home page! I also updated the RCT LINGO PAGE. July 10th 2004.
  • 7 Days of Updates #7- Corrected some more errors and typos.
  • 7 Days of Updates #6- Corrected some errors
  • 7 Days of Updates #5- The Amber Alert has been Updated! June 17th, 2004
  • 7 Days of Updates #4- I added RCT LINGO June 16th, 2004
  • 7 Days of Updates #3- I added a new page that replaced the old Photos page, the URL is the same, but it is now a wallpapers page. Hopefully I can add at least one wallpaper a month! June 15th, 2004
  • 7 Days of Updates #2-  I added Two Walk-troughs in the RCT1 section. June 14th, 2004
  • 7 Days of Updates #1- Inversion Force has been added to the links page at . As Promised I would give link back to him. So right here it is! I also decided I won't be doing any affiliating due to lack of interest, and I want this site to be a nice little personal web page. June 13th, 2004
  • Sorry for no Update in the Month of May, but you know how it is with exams and all. I am hoping in the next couple weeks to have 7 days of Updates. I will have more on that soon. All I have updated is that I put a Internet Amber Alert on the home page. June.3.2004
  • I have added a link to the yahoo club I have made for all Roller Coaster Enthusiast on the Miscellaneous page.April.18.2004
  • I have made a RCT2 page, and No Limit's Page. The RCT2 page isn't done. The No Limit's page currently has one coaster.March.28.2004
  • I just added a new coaster up for download it the RCT1 section. The coaster is Fruit Farms Cyclone.March.18.2004
  • I have just added a Link to my sscoasters Park  Gforces Worlds of Adventure in the Screamin Serpent and Rippin Rocket section. March.17.2004
  • I just added a cool count down to win Cedar Point opens, so hang in there.March.14.2004
  • I have now added a page for Roller Coaster Tycoon 1. It will have downloads added from time to time so stay tuned. March.13.2004
  • This whole week I have added new History, Jokes, Screamin Serpent, Rippin Rocket, and a boat load of other stuff not to mention the awesome new layout.March.12.2004

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