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Cedar Point Review

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Iron Dragon has a nick name of Draggin Iron. However this ride is good for the little enthusiast. You must be 46 inches to ride though. It is really fun going through the wooded area and the pretzel knot is fun with the mist that feels so good on a sunny hot day. This coaster doesn't give much of a thrill but has a great excitement rating. This coaster has been operating since 1987. It was made by Arrow Dynamics. This coaster would be even better with the new Arrow suspended coaster trains that your feet dangle. Ron Toomer designed it. It is a 2,800 foot long ride with 2 lift hills,  with the highest being 72 feet high. A high speed of 40mph. It is a great 2 minute ride. For the 2003 season Iron Dragon has got a new element! A fly by with Top Thrill Dragster. It doesn't look like much until you ride it. I thought it would make the ride worse but it makes it better. For 2004 Iron Dragon has recieved new paint on the supports that look to be bright yellow left over Paint from Dragster. I have recieved reports  that it actually has a little orange in it and makes the ride seem a little more intense due to all the bright colors flying by. Once I get a ride on the new paint job I'll be sure to report it to you all!

Another of the many great B&M roller coasters is Mantis! It is the only stand up coaster I have ever ridden. It towers 145 feet high! 3,900 feet of twisting looping track to droll over. With a top speed of 60 mph, you must be 54 inches or taller to ride.  It is 117 feet high. I think if you like to get thrown around just a bit, sit in the back left seat. For the 2003 season Mantis has gotten a new paint job! Boy is it a beauty.

Mean Streak exiting the station

Many people say Mean Streak is uncomfortable and rough. I have never experienced a problem on Mean Streak. I use to complain about Mean Streak's layout but since then I have learned to like it. On the first drop you speed up then almost stop at a complete stop because of trim brakes. I have never ridden Mean Streak with out trim brakes. I have heard it to be very rough without trim brakes. It is built of Southern yellow pine. It is 161 feet tall. The best thing I like about it is its great architecture. It looks ok when your close but when your out on Lake Erie Mean Streak is a work of art.


Junior Gemini is a kiddy coaster at Cedar Point. I have never rode it before because I was too tall. Someday I will steal a kid (not literately) and ride Jr. Gemini just to add it to my coaster count. It is 19 feet high . Looks fun for the kids! Just another reason to bring the whole family to Cedar Point America's Rockin' Roller Coast!

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