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RCT3(D) Review

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There is not much I don't like about in this screen except for the un-smoothness of the track but, I'd rather have great game play than good graphics. In the lowest left Green Circle there is the Fried Chicken Stall that looks pretty good. The Green Circle to the left of the Fried Chicken Stall looks good. The Green Circle in the middle of the screen. What is that? Is that the new Haunted House? I sure hope not! Maybe it's a new attraction of some sort, however the most possible thing I think it could be is just themeing because there is no path up to it.

In the lower left of the picture there is some interesting things, I have no clue what they could be, so your guess is as good as mine. I think the red and yellow thing could be a umbrella stall or kiddy Carousel that you see at stores like Big Bear..

The Blue circle could be a locker room (change station) or a bathroom of some sort. As I never bought Wacky Worlds nor Time Twisters I don't know if it is a new attraction included into one of them. Heck, it might even be themeing as there is no paths going in to it.

Another thing I like in this picture is the castle it looks pretty good so far.

Picture 3

In this screen I especially like the people, like the little kid in the front of the coaster. I also like the new slide, but I hope this doesn't mean they are scratching out the old one which I think would look better. The Blue-ish/Purple Circle could be new themeing or may be it's an Entertainer. Looks to be a Dinosaur. I also like the flame at the top of the slide. The only thing I don't like about this screen is it looks wwwwwaaaaayyyy too much like Sim Theme Park.

This screen has a lot of interesting stuff. I hope that's not a Wooden Roller Coaster up at the top. If so, I think it looks like crap. If it is a Wooden Roller Coaster, lets hope it is a Wooden Coaster with steel supports because if they are suppose to be Wooden Roller Coaster supports they look like crap. The Enterprise looks like one of the best things in all of the pictures. There is a drink's stall that looks like it will be better than the old ones from RCT/RCT2. I like the Palm trees and the water reflection, hopefully the water has some small waves and maybe some ducks. I also like the Snake Plaza entrance. The last negative thing I can think of is the beaches angles. It needs to be more smooth, it almost looks like something out of Sonic on the old Dreamcast.

In this last and final screen shows some new close ups of the peeps. If you look close some have colored hair, and even flowers in their hair. There is also new ride Entrances and exits. I wonder if we will get different styles like in RCT2? The ones on this screen look like gates at the Carnival with a ticket stand. I guess this doesn't look too bad. I only wonder if there will be Queing lines like in earlier versions of RCT. On the space Shuttle ride there is nice looking details along with a ramp. On the Roller Coaster on the very back the track doesn't even touch the supports! The Blue stall shown in the second screen is a bathroom as you can see more clearly through this screen.

Overall I think RCT3 will be a pretty good game. If I had to rate this game right now I would give it an 8/10 which is pretty good because that's what I gave RCT before I played it. Will I buy it, yes, but  it won't be until after I get Wacky Worlds, and Time Twisters, not because they look like good games, but to just add to my collection of RCT games. My only fear about this game is that it will be way to much like Sim Theme Park which in my opinion is the worse Amusement Park/Theme Park Simulation Game of all time. I also hope that the game will have new stuff rather than just 3D graphics of the same old same old. So Chris Sawyer if your listening, give us an Intamin Rocket Coaster. How good is a game if you can't make the tallest, fastest, roller coaster in the world?


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