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A New RCT sequel will come out. It will be Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. For more information on its release and the game its self please visit this link.

Five new screenshots have been unleashed. I will go over each picture into great depth. I am not affiliated with Roller Coaster Tycoon, Hasbro, Atari, Infograms, Chris Sawyer, or Frontier Developments.

Screen One-I will try to circle most of the things I don't like red, most of the things I do like green, and most of the stuff I don't have a clue in blue. This is a on-ride view of RCT3(D). In RCT3 you will have the ability to ride the coaster. The 3-D graphic's look very choppy in some places almost as if the whole game is made of custom scenery.  Now lets get to complaining about what we like, and what we don't like why don't we?

In Red Circle One (far left) there is and inverted coaster. To tell you the truth from this picture it looks like crap. Looks like something out of Sim Theme Park. In Red Circle 2 & 3 (just inside of Red Circle One) (3 is on the blue track) the track is very unsmooth and very rough. Certainly doesn't look very pretty.

Now for the stuff I do like in this screen. In Green Circle One (by Red Circle 3) we have a Hamburger Stall. I think it looks pretty nice. In Green Circle 2 we have some kind of new stall or a re-modeled stall. I really can't tell myself with the Blue Coaster Track. On Green Circles 3 & 4 I give credit because they just plain out look good. I can't really tell what 3 is but 4 is more an likely a Pop Corn Stall. Green Circle 5 (far left) looks like a beautifully designed lemonade stand.

In the Blue Circle I really don't know what it is; it might be just stacked blocks, but it could be a stall of some sort.

Other things about this picture I didn't talk about yet is the Roller Coaster train texture looks awesome. I think it would be cool if we could upload our own textures kind of like on No Limits. I definitely like the mountains in the background. I think one of the best new factors with RCT3 is the all new re-modeled peeps. They wear different clothes, different hair styles, and there's even different races of peeps. How real can this get? Also the brake run on the Blue Coaster also looks good.




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