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Dynamite Dunes Walk-through

    Dynamite Dunes is the second Scenario in Roller Coaster Tycoon the original. You are given a park already operating with a few rides and a Big Mine Ride. I have beaten all the Scenario's from the original game. This walk-through is based off of one my little sister's game. She played till April Year 3 and I took over because it was obvious she would lose. She had 45 guest, a park rating of 335, and over that she was in debt -$3,283 dollars. Nothing close to the requirements to the scenario which are 650 guest by the end of year 3 with a park rating of at least 600.

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    As you can see in the picture above I deleted every path, every ride, and every peep. I call this the delete, re-path, rebuild method(DRR). I do this in almost all my scenarios because often the path system originally built in the game are very poorly constructed and results in to ratings dropping towards the last 3 months before Judgment Day. So what I do as soon as I get inside the scenario is close the park down, put up No Entry Signs as to funnel the guest down and out, then I delete every ride and path. Once I do all this I rebuild the park from the ground up.

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    I always at first spread rides out at least 5 squares and build benches and trash cans about every 4 squares. I never set boundaries for Mechanics, Entertainers, or Security. I do set boundaries however for Handy Men. I usually give them 3-4 big Blue Squares per Handy Man. Eventually your park will grow and and will get lots of Money! And after this hopefully you can build a coaster or two.

I did this Scenario with less than a year left. If I did it in a year you can do it in 3 years! If you have any more questions or comments , need any help, or have something else that you think should be stated here please email me at



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