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Cedar Point May 3 2003

(wind chill around 38 degrees Fahrenheit)

By this time I'm singing my song " I love Cedar Point" to the tune of "I love Rock'n'roll

After a week in frustration and calling Radio stations like 99.7 the Blitz which I lost in. My teacher had Longaberger Day tickets which she was not going to use. I got my hands on gold. We headed for America's Roller Coaster around 7:15 A.M. hoping to leave around 6:45 A.M. Park opened at 10:00 A.M. and Rides opened around 11:00 PM. After several detours  we got there at approximately 9:45 A.M.
     My plan was to ride Gemini first and be the first seat, first person for the day. I waited till 11:05 for the ride to open. There was a rumor going around that a few days before the blue train vallied. Well they were not running it. I asked the line attendant and he gave me a real long look and said no. He was probably told to say that. When they opened the Que I was first to walk to the station and a trash can is blocking it. They said go back and a employee walks us back the other way up and asked if we moved the trash can, we said no. I mean come on, why we move a trash can??? We had to merge with other guest to get up the station. I end up being on the 5th Train. It really burned me up. I could say a lot of bad words about it. However I did not let it ruin my day with the next six coasters I rode.
       Gemini was a great ride for the first of the day with some awesome airtime. Once the ride seems to be boring and getting over it brings you over to a grand finale which is a very intense helix. The ride is even more fun when it is racing but today the Blue trains were not working.

      Next I went over to Magnum XLC-200 which was a walk on and I got the backseat all to my self. Great Airtime. Magnum has a simple layout which is out & back but it works with the great air time. At the back end turn around is a pretzel like knot. It's very rough but I love it! Then you come back and go through a air time packed tunnel. And a second later your getting your picture taken. When I went to see my picture they messed up and took it off before my train even got off. Oh well it happens, early season glitches, I guess.


Magnum moving up the lift hill!                                            Wildcats new Paint Job!

   After Magnum I was heading for Millennium Force, however being attracted by Wildcats new paint job and hearing its fun to ride and to sit by yourself because you slide back and forth. I decided to try the Schwarzkopf. My first Schwarzkopf! It was fun too. A lot of fair lateral's and yes, it is fun to slide back and forth! So many near head choppers. I think if your a real coaster lover Wildcat is worth a ride.




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