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Leafy Lake Walk-through

      For beginners Leafy Lake is probably one of the hardest, but at the same time easiest scenarios in Roller Coaster Tycoon. You have an objective to build a Amusement Park around a large lake. You start with 10,000 on a loan and with that start you must get 500 guest by October, Year 3 while holding a park rating of at least 600. This is what many Roller Coaster Tycoon Newbie's don't realize is that you can raise you loan all the way up to $50,000. When I first played this scenario I lost 3 times in a row. When I told a friend of mine this, he laughed at me! He said, "That's one of the easiest scenarios, you can raise your loan to $50,000 dollars!"

     The next thing I use some DRR! (Delete, Re-path, Rebuild!) I delete the original loop because Peeps will be getting lost left and right, and it will result in lower ratings toward the end of the game. The next thing I do is change the funding to only shops and stalls. I do this until The Information Kiosk is available. The Info Kiosk is probably one of the most important things in your park involving the park rating. It has maps so guest don't get lost.

      As you can see in the above picture this is all I built by April of Year 1. I had an even flow of guest, at this point about 29. And I was fairly ok with money. I had $8,590 dollars and my park rating was rather low, but that should raise as the park is open longer. Another thing you need to do at this time is to start hiring staff.

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      By May I have added a boat ride, and a roller coaster named Leafy Lake Caterpillar. You can download it here. I also added some food shops here and there. To build the Leafy Lake Caterpillar in the small area I planned, I had to buy like four squares in the upper corner of the picture.  The information Kiosk was discovered so I built one of those near the front of the park, and re-checked all the other research boxes.


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